A small moon on the outer rim that orbits the red forgeworld Mu Bin.

Kem’s most notable feature is it’s atmosphere. Our scientists have recently discovered that the way the sun’s neutrinos interact with it’s atmosphere is quite unique- while the sun touches the atmosphere, contact with it is like a large EMP wave. It will knock out all technology on contact. This results in catastrophic crashes if entering the planet on a ship. One must take care to land on the dark side of the planet if entering Kem- but this means one must also take caution when exiting their craft.

Notable Flora and Fauna

The Kemmar are a small lizardlike species that inhabit the moon. They speak pidgin basic, often meshing their own simple dialect in. They are energetic, friendly and simple. They are nomads, gathering small herbs and killing smallish wildlife for sustenance.
The Kemmar’s most notable feature is that they share the same feature as their moon’s atmosphere- any tech they come in contact with will cease to work for the duration they are in contact with it. The range varies by amount of Kemmar present and the Kemmar themselves, but the range for this tech-killing aura appears to be somewhere around 10-20 feet.

The Kemmar have another feature. They are blanks in the Force, meaning they have no presence in it. It also means that any use of the Force on them or around them will not work- even something as simple as using a lightsaber will not work if the lightsaber was built with no physical toggle.
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Dak Cats
Originally discovered by Gamma Squad, the Daks are a force to be reckoned with. These large purplish black cats only come out at night, and have an insatiable hunger for energy. They are quite fierce, with 2 sucker-like stalks on their backs that appear to be that which they feed from. They are drawn to any source of power, which means that all tech must be kept powered down while on the planet, lest it’s wielders be attacked.


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